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Self Love Testimonial's

"The audio messages felt like a one-on-one educational session with Madi. I took notes and everything. Helped me to connect with the material way more than just an email or PDF"

"I Loved the daily mirror mantras and affirmations! I loved how the coursework was laid out, and the community that is being built in the Facebook group."


I loved listening to Madi talk. Her voice is quite soothing and it got to a point where after the 21 days I still journal and meditate. I loved the PDFs and little Mirror Mantras."


Magic of you Testimontials

"I learned to embrace myself and be more open minded as to why I am how I am. I feel like before I would put myself down subconsciously over my detachments or way of thinking, etc. I started to learn to love me during Magic of You."

The Magic of You course was so informative. It has not only helped me understand astrology better in general but it has shown me how I can use astrology to live my life in "flow." I have never understood myself as much as I do now. This course has helped me improve my relationships and has given me validation for my work and the confidence that I am on the right path.

I loved learning the how to interpret the intersection of houses/signs/planets in my own chart

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