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Your Saturn Return lasts approximately 2.5 to 3 years. In our workshop you will...

  • Learn everything you need to navigate your Saturn Return.

  • Learn what it the messages are for your sign, self care tips and key dates for YOU.

  • Get clarity.

  •  Remove any confusion or stress on this cosmic right of passage.

  •  Will leave you feeling clear aligned and empowered.

  • Learn how to differentiate and understand WTF is saturn return energy.

  • How it can happen for you not to you.

  • Practical and grounded tools to navigate you SR.

… so you can create freedom, fulfill your potential and have FUN while doing it! 

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  • 2 Hour Workshop with Madi Murphy.
  • Includes replay, slides and PDF.
  • Join a community of other baddies in their Saturn Return
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