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Ready to call in power, pleasure, and purpose? Looking to step into a life that aligns with your highest, hottest self? Want to learn how to use astrology as a powerful GPS to navigate your way? 


We’re not talking about checking your horoscope once a month. With Astro Academy, we’ve designed a cosmic pathway of digital classes that will make you fluent in astro-know-how, while equipping you with the juicy insights, aligned community, high-impact coaching, and wholistic support you need to start living the life you were destined for.

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As one of our ⭐️Star Students⭐️, you’ll be taking notes from the cosmos and tapping into the magic of Group Coaching with CosmicRX founder Madi Murphy. Every course teaches you how to decode your astrological Birth Chart through a new lens (purpose, career, love, abundance) and to use these insights as a unique roadmap towards your most brilliant future.

Cosmic Boss Fall 2023

A 3 Month Conscious leadership program and launch accelerator. With Madi Murphy. 
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Meet your planetary professor, Madi Murphy

Madi Murphy is a cosmic leadership coach, a high-vibe hypewoman, and co-founder of CosmicRX. She coaches influential cultural leaders who want to be seen for who they really are, not who the world wants them to be. Because that is what the world really needs: authentic, aligned, compassionate, confident leaders who have fallen back in love with themselves, their lives, and their soul work. 

And NOW, through Astro Academy, you get to tap into Madi’s coaching magic and join the Cosmic Revolution Every course combines unique lessons in astrology with Madi’s tried-and-tested cosmic coaching techniques. You'll fuel your personal evolution, while adding momentum to our collective revolution. 


Madi Murphy
Founder of CosmicRx